Although the media varies, all of my artwork comes from the same place – a place of muscular imagination.  I have developed my skills as a visual artist through years of creating and performing physical theater.  My body has been the sculpture.  My emotional energy has been the color and rhythm. I have sought to mine the human figure for its most expressive possibilities. I have learned composition by finding my integral place in each image I have performed on the stage.
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My beadwork is theater in miniature.  These necklaces were created using tubular peyote stitch: the figures are hollow and their shape is maintained only by the tension of thread weaving beads together.  As I work with the beads, my whole body senses the world that my fingertips are shaping; I feel the tension in the weaving and intuitively follow the building energy in each figure.   I seek to create a suspended quality in my work — where organic flow meets conflict in a highly theatrical moment.

My sculptural necklaces explore adornment as transforming power – you don’t wear them, they wear you, and change you.  In yogic tradition, the throat chakra is the center of expressive energy and power.  I seek to both harness and unleash this power by binding stories around the throat in dances of transformation.