Process Driven


I want to make theater that is mythic in this sense: theater that probes archetypes (ancient and current) to release the vital energies that are contained in them.  I want to look deeply into story to find creative images of the self that help us understand our own growth, and our place in community.  I believe that a rigorous, audacious and articulate process is essential to creating this work, and I also know that I am still discovering this process.

I am committed to a process of creating and directing work from a collaborative and physical perspective.  I am actively researching the intersection of voice and body, especially through the intersection of Margolis and Roy Hart’s methodologies.  In the studio I improvise with my body, my voice, text and objects to find the unexpected image or the perplexing contradiction.  Sometimes I start with the text.  Sometimes I animate the image. Sometimes I find or create objects and work with them.  I am exploring how dream images and mythical archetypes reveal and integrate parts of the self.  I am interested in story: what is true, digging through layers to find the truth, exploring deconstruction, associative image and fantasy as a means of interacting creatively with personal narrative.